Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus)

Nature Table

File:Polar Bear - Alaska.jpg


  • Name: Polar Bear
  • Latin: Ursus maritimus
  • Classification: Mammal
  • Origin: Arctic Circle
  • Lifespan: 15-18 years


  • Kingdom: Animalia (animals)
  • Phylum: Chordata (vertebrates)
  • Class: Mammalia (mammals)
  • Order: Carnivora (carnivores)
  • Family: Ursidae (Bears)
  • Genus: Ursus (Bears)
  • Species: Ursus maritimus (Polar bear)


  • Length: Body-7.25-8ft (2.2-2.5m) Tail-3-5in (7.5-12.5cm)
  • Weight: 900-1,600lbs (410-720kg)

The neck of the polar bear is longer and the head is narrower than other species of bear which help the bear capture seals from their breathing holes in the sea ice. The paws are large and covered in fur which are used as paddles when swimming and as snow shoes on land. Polar bears have only four teats which is relative to their small litter size. Polar bears are the largest land carnivore alive in the world today with the males being larger and heavier than the females. The males weigh 880-1,750lbs (399-794kg) and the females weigh 440-660lbs (200-299kg).


  • Brown…

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